The WestSide Horns®

West Side Henry

San Antonio's quintessential Conjunto, Tex-Mex blues band, The Westside Horns®



Every Saturday

The Westside Horns

Saturdays 7pm - 10pm

At the Congo Bongo Cantina & Bar

18740 Stone Oak Pkwy, San Antonio

Friday Nights

Aug 2 & 16 9-12pm

The Pecan Grove DriveIn

1526 Roosevelt Ave

San Antonio, Texas

(210) 532-4113


The house which serves as a bar, at Pecan Grove Drive In, was originally built in, 1916, probably as a family home.  In the mid, to late ‘60s, the house became Eloy’s Ice House.  Joe Vazquez, bought the place in 1985, and renamed it Pecan Grove.  Roy and Gracie Medina, bought the bar from Joe in 2014, and it is presently a lively thriving 103 year old neighborhood entity.

Most of the neighborhood, families and businesses, have there as long, or longer than Pecan Grove.  Best of all for the Medina’s, the neighbors have embraced them and the music that is offered various times during the week.

The Westside Horns look forward, to providing some of that music, on June 7 and 21.  We will also, will enjoy some beer from the bar, while filling up with some of LaLa’'s Gorditas and Dino’s Tacos from his taco truck.  Both are just across the street, from the Pecan Grove bar and music venue, and all are welcome to buy and bring it over to eat with a cold beer while listening to music.

COME JOIN US!  210.210.887.794